Non-fingerprint Process and Highlights of Stainless Steel Plate

Feb. 11, 2019

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The emergence of fingerprint-free technology is the constant pursuit and progress of human science and technology. Stainless steel fingerprint-free technology affects the original aesthetics of the colored stainless steel sheet such as Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet, long-lasting stain resistance, corrosion resistance and friction reduction. Many times, we can see the appearance of color stainless steel fingerprint-free board. In fact, it is around us, but we didn't notice it. Color stainless steel fingerprint-free panels are mainly used for decoration and decoration. For example, we usually need entertainment: hotel decoration, KTV entertainment venues, elevators, etc.; in daily life, home lighting, furniture, security doors, security windows, etc.

The fingerprintless stainless steel plate has the following advantages:

(1) Prevent the fingerprint on the stainless steel surface from sticking to the surface, and have strong anti-staining ability; the surface is easy to clean and no cleaning agent is needed.

(2) The protective film layer has strong protection ability, is not easy to peel, yellow, and corroded, and has strong durability.

(3) It can effectively block the outside from eroding the inside of the metal and has a long service life.

(4) It has beautiful appearance, maintains the original color luster, soft touch, and retains a good metal texture.

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