Cross Hairline Stainless Steel

We have independently developed a cross-hairline machine designed to create multiple lines in various directions on the surface of stainless steel. The result is a clear and elegant surface texture. Cross hairline finishing is known for its tidy and beautiful appearance, making it a popular choice for exterior building decoration and elevator interiors. We offer various treatments for the cross-hairline surface, including etching and PVD coating, providing a range of attractive options for our customers. Additionally, cross hairline finishing can be combined with other artistic processes such as bead blasting, vibration, partial PVD, partial mirror, and more.

Our products are typically crafted from materials like 201, 304, 316L, 430, 441, and 443, and the finished surface exhibits a brilliant metallic sheen. Our thickness range spans from 0.7mm to 3.0mm, with standard sizes of 1219x2438mm and 1219x3048mm. We can also accommodate special width requirements up to 1500mm and special lengths up to 4000mm.


Cross Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet

Cross hairline stainless steel sheets are a type of decorative stainless steel sheet that add a unique touch of style and sophistication to any design project. With their distinctive pattern of intersecting lines, these sheets are perfect for adding visual interest and texture to interiors, design element architectural features, and furniture.

Surface FinishCross Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet
Surface ColorCan be done as Silver, Gold, Black, Gold Rose, Bronze, Brown, Nickle Silver and so on, or customer’s color.
Raw Material201/304/316L/430/441/443
Material Thick0.7 to 3.0mm
Material Width≤ 1500mm
Material Length≤ 4000mm
Standard Size1219x2438mm(4ftx8ft),1219x3048(4ftx10ft),1500/1524x2438mm(5ftx8ft),1500/1524x3048(5ftx10ft)
Purchase qtyThe minimum quantity for 0.7mm to 1.0mm thick is 100 pcs, other thicknesses can be ordered as 50pcs one time.
Purchase sampleCross Hairline/Gold/304/1219X2438X1.0/100PCS.....PRICE/PC

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and style to your design project, cross hairline stainless steel sheets are an excellent choice. Their precision craftsmanship and unique pattern make them stand out from other decorative materials, while their durability and resistance to corrosionens they will look great for years to come.

Whether you're designing a residential or commercial space, cross hairline stainless steel sheets offer the perfect combination of style and functionality.

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