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Looking for stainless steel partitions for your project?

We have imported the advanced cutting equipment to do the coil cutting and flatting. And we have all process machines such as Hairline finish, 8K finish, Bead blasted, Vibration, Anti-fingerprint, PVD machine, and Bending machine, Laser cutting machine. etc. And we support surface finishes over 1500mm! Please check our products or send us drawings if you need them!


At Shenghe, you can find the stainless steel room divider you need and then wholesale it, and we accept your drawings for customization.

Wholesale these stainless steel room dividers and office room dividers to set up creative and personalized spaces in your living room or office. stainless steel room dividers come in different styles, materials, and features.

Architecture, developers, and interior design firms may want to create many types of stainless steel room dividers, and we look forward to connecting with you!

stainless steel partition stainless steel partition

stainless steel partition stainless steel partition

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