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Gold Metal Room Divider

Based on the requested dimensions, the designer makes the drawings. Usually, the main part of the dividers is made of a stainless steel sheet, sometimes it is made of stainless steel square tubes or round tubes etc. By welding or screw fixed with the outer frame. Concerning the surface, it can be polishing, hairline and so on, color coating through PVD. Customized design is available!


The stainless steel dividers play an important role in hotel decorations and home decorations. Both functional and embellishment get together. More and more interiors decorations likes to use stainless steel as the major decorations. Since the surface is long-lasting bright and easily cleaned.

A gold metal room divider is a decorative partition that can be used to separate different areas within a room, such as a living room and dining room. It is made of metal, typically brass or aluminum, and has a gold finish applied to the surface, which gives it a warm, elegant appearance.

Gold metal room dividers can come in a variety of designs, such as screens with geometric patterns or simple dividing panels. They can also feature different levels of transparency, which allows light to flow through the divider while still providing privacy. Some gold metal room dividers are also able to be folded and stored away when not in use.

This type of room divider can add a touch of luxury to a room, and it can also be used to complement other golden colored decor. They are also used to create privacy without losing the feel of the open space.

Product specification:

Product NameStainless Steel Gold Metal Room Divider And Screen Partition
MaterialIron/Aluminium/Stainless Steel(201/304/316/etc.)
Surface Finish8K Mirror/Hairline(Brushed)/Embossed/Etched/Sandblasted/Rubbed/etc.
ColorSilvery/Gold/Rose Gold/Black/Champagne Gold/Bronze/Blue/Green/etc.
ApplicationHome/Office/Hotel Lobby/Restaurant/etc.
 Advantage1.Color can be last for more than 15 years.2.Waterproof,High Temperature Resistance,Preservative,Rust Resistance,Durable.3.No pollution or radiation to the environment.4.Easy to install and clean.
PackingWooden Case+ Bubble Bag+ Clear Filim+ Foam.
Delivery10-35 days after order confirmed.

Support customization of various materials, finishes, gold or other colors, sizes, thicknesses. Get Gold Metal Room Divider or more sample brochures by contacting us.

Looking forward to communicating with you!

We have imported the advanced cutting equipment to do the coil cutting and flatting. And we have all process machines such as Hairline finish, 8K finish, Bead blasted, Vibration, Anti-fingerprint, PVD machine, and Bending machine, Laser cutting machine. etc. Especially only we could do the surface treatment for the with more than 1500mm.

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