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We offer comprehensive solutions for designing and manufacturing tower signs. Whether you require custom designs or prefer us to produce based on your drawings, we can arrange for engineers to connect with you directly! If you're interested, we can discuss the cost of Pylon or Pole Sign.


Pylon Signs Overview:

Pylon signs, also known as pole signs, are ideal for attracting attention from a distance. Commonly used by businesses such as hotels, buildings, gas stations, and retail stores, they are often installed along roads, highways, and expressways. We adhere to precise engineering standards to ensure structural stability and the ability to handle anticipated wind loads. Depending on the sign's size, our pylon sign faces can be vacuum-formed or high-quality flexible faces with UV protective coatings.

Elevate Your Brand Advertising with Custom Pylon Signs:

Towering pylon signs are the ultimate way to attract and inform customers about your location. Our permitting experts collaborate with local governments to maximize sign size and height compliance with local sign regulations. Our state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment ensures your custom pylon sign is robust, unique, and attention-grabbing.

At SUNSONG, we offer a variety of pylon signs that can be customized according to your overall signage and marketing strategy.

Single Pole Mount Pylon Signs: For a classic and economical design, perfect for standing out in tall buildings, typically reaching heights of up to eighty feet, and in some cases, up to one hundred feet.

Double Pole Mount Pylon Signs: Two poles provide greater rigidity and increased strength, with the added option of a symmetrical design.

Covered Pole Pylon Signs: If you prefer to conceal the visual appeal of exposed aluminum poles, we can create custom covers that align with your corporate aesthetics.

Custom Lightbox Pylon Signs: Similar to monument signs, these sturdy construction signs are often used by shopping centers and malls to display the business's name and logo.

Types of Pylon Signs We've Produced:

Modern pylon sign

Outdoor pylon signage

Totem pylon sign

Pylon monument sign

Multi-tenant pylon signs

Gas station pylon sign

Digital pylon signs

LED pylon signs

3D pylon signage

Applications of Stainless Steel Pylon Signs:

As a versatile form of roadside and exterior signage, these signs can be successfully deployed in various environments, including:


Business parks

Car dealerships

Car washes

Gas stations


Industrial parks


Mechanics shops



Retail stores

Shopping plazas

Truck stations

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