Process Analysis and Technical Characteristics of Brushed Stainless Steel

Feb. 08, 2019

Metal wire drawing process: It is a surface treatment method that forms a line on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product to provide a decorative effect. According to the difference of the texture after drawing, it can be distinguished into the following kinds of lines: straight line drawing, chaotic drawing, ripple, and swirling. Stainless Steel such as Stainless Steel Hairline wire drawing generally has these effects: straight silk, snow pattern, nylon pattern, among which three kinds of lines are the most popular snow pattern, seemingly messy lines but no messy feeling, but the more you look Feel good looking. It is for this reason that brushed stainless steel decorative panels can be accepted by many people.

The wire drawing process can obtain a non-mirror-like metallic luster on the metal surface, and the wire drawing process can also eliminate the fine flaws on the metal surface, and can also be combined with the electroplating process to plate the cold-colored drawing plate with a color plating layer, and the rose gold is elegant and luxurious. Titanium's high-profile personality, sapphire blue perfectionism, black titanium mysterious low-key gas field, bronze European retro style. One color represents a style, and the use of it will create a different atmosphere than others. Now many end users will not use brushed stainless steel alone, but will use brushed stainless steel to match the decoration style of their home.

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