Stainless Steel Decorative Board Film Degumming Treatment

Mar. 12, 2019

Before the stainless steel decorative board such as 8K Finish Stainless Steel is shipped from the factory, the stainless steel board manufacturer will put a layer of plastic film on the surface to protect the surface from damage. If it is a stainless steel mirror panel with high surface requirements, a double-layer film will be used. In general, the film attached to this stainless steel mirror panel has a very low viscosity of about 10 degrees, but if the surface is coated with a high viscosity film or has not been peeled off for more than three months or uses inferior quality When the film is applied, the phenomenon of degumming may occur, which seriously affects the surface effect of the board. Then how to deal with the degumming of the stainless steel decorative board?

For some local or small-scale degumming, we use alcohol or acetone to wipe the surface of the stainless steel decorative board such as Decoration Stainless Steel Sheet Hairline. Because these two kinds of volatility are very fast, only a small area of degumming is applied. If the degumming is more serious, it must be cleaned with water or tar, but this is more labor-intensive. For more serious cases, we still recommend reprocessing to ensure the smoothness of the surface.

As a stainless steel plate manufacturer, we also encountered the phenomenon of stainless steel film degumming after the customer bought the board, but after our investigation, most of them were because the film was not peeled off in time. So this is also a small detail that we usually pay attention to.

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