Use of Stainless Steel Screens in The Home

Mar. 08, 2019

The use of indoor stainless steel screens at home is becoming more and more popular. Now Sunsong 8K Finish Stainless Steel Supplier share with you the benefits of using indoor stainless steel screens at home.

The characteristics of modern screens should be static, stable, solemn and fluid. The modern screen format is flexible and can be used to decorate classic homes or stylish homes. If used properly, it will play an important role in home décor. Modern home decoration can be set in a variety of stainless steel screens, can be used in different areas of the living room, foyer, dining room, bedroom, leisure area, study, etc., blending modern and classical culture, can properly separate functional areas, it also beautifies the living room and improves the family Cultural taste.

Regardless of the user's needs, the decoration will serve the user in accordance with a unified service process: in combination with internal structure and customer requirements, provide reference for customers, including screen installation forms, what material handling, how to deal with the surface. Once the plan is determined, the user will design a complete production and processing plan based on the drawings, including a combination of stainless steel decorative screen renderings and panel renderings. Surface treatments such as wire drawing, sanding, polishing, electroplating, etching and reverse etching on stainless steel surfaces make it a high-performance, high-quality product for the screen industry. It is durable, easy to clean, and stays bright and new for a long time.

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