About Stainless Steel Mouldings Specifications and Features

Mar. 04, 2019

About stainless steel such as the Stainless Steel Sheets Embossed Finish mouldings specifications and features:

(1) Characteristics of stainless steel decorative board lines

Stainless steel decorative board line is environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant, waterproof, resistant to friction, abrasion and weather. The surface of the stainless steel decorative panel is as clean as a mirror and is a high-grade decorative material.

(2) Use of stainless steel decorative panels

Stainless steel decorative board lines can be used in star hotels, high-level clubs, Grade A office buildings, villas, sales offices and other places.

(3) Production process

PVD vacuum nano plating was used. Common colors are: rose gold, bronze, titanium, black titanium, champagne gold, gold and so on.

Material: 201/304/316.

Cut: How long and how long to cut according to requirements or drawings

Planing: A planing groove is a grooved planing groove in a position where a stainless steel decorative panel needs to be bent.

Bend: Finally, bend the shape you want, T-shape, U-shape, L-shape, shape, etc.

The curved surface of the lines is smooth and beautiful, meeting various complex production needs.

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