Stainless Steel has Decorative Tubes and Decorative Panels. Which Decorative Effect is Better?

Mar. 15, 2019

It is not unusual for stainless steel such as Bead Blasted Stainless Steel Sheet to be used for decorative purposes. In recent years, with the development of metal surface treatment technology, especially electroplating technology is particularly outstanding, stainless steel has always been given the color of silver cold color that is not recognized by the people, the first time The market publicly unveiled, drawn stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, electroplated color steel, Etched Stainless Steel and other related products began to enter the decoration industry, the information returned from the market, the consumers of the terminal are very satisfied with the decorative board, tube and other products, So which of the two materials will be used, the decoration effect will be better?

Stainless Steel Sheet5

Stainless Steel Sheet2

Stainless Steel Sheet4

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