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  • PVD Metal furniture legs
  • PVD Metal furniture legs

PVD Metal furniture legs

As the main support structure of the chair and table. Stainless steel structure can provide a reliable weight bearing. The surface can be polished, brushed and so on. Color coating can be done by PVD. Material we can choose from stainless steel tube and stainless steel sheet. Assembled by welding or screw fixed.


Metallic texture always gives people high-end feelings, especially in home furnishing, As the main part of chairs, tables and beds, more and more people prefer to use stainless steel cause it have a better embellish function. No matter from the structure style and the surface finish. The quality can be highlight through the details.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) metal furniture legs are furniture legs that have been coated with a PVD coating, which is a process of applying a metal vapor to the surface of the legs. This process results in a very durable and wear-resistant coating that gives the legs a metallic finish. The finish can be made in various color, such as gold, rose gold, black, bronze,etc.

PVD coatings are often used on furniture legs because they are very durable, resistant to scratches, and can withstand exposure to the elements. PVD coatings also have a uniform and consistent color, which makes them ideal for use on furniture legs.

PVD coated metal furniture legs can be used on a variety of furniture pieces such as tables, desks, chairs, sofas, etc. They are often used in high-end furniture and luxury interior design projects, because of their durability, resistance to wear and tear, and the metallic finish that adds a touch of elegance.

It is also worth to mention that PVD coating is an eco-friendly process as it doesn't produce any hazardous waste.

Product specification:

Product NameTable Legs
MaterialStainless Steel
SizeH: 300mm- 1000mm or as the buyer requirement customize size
UsageUsed for Dining table,Coffee table,desk,bench and other furniture etc.
Payment30% deposit + 70% before the delivery
PackingPlease consult us for packing details of this product
SamplePlease consult us for samples
ServiceProduct Customized, OEM and ODM
QualityHigh Quality,Guaranteed, QC full in section


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We have imported the advanced cutting equipment to do the coil cutting and flatting. And we have all process machines such as Hairline finish, 8K finish, Bead blasted, Vibration, Anti-fingerprint, PVD machine, and Bending machine, Laser cutting machine. etc. Especially only we could do the surface treatment for the with more than 1500mm.

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