Stainless Steel Selection and Processing Methods!

Jan. 24, 2019

Stainless Steel Decorative Plate is used more and more in people's daily life in today's life, stainless steel cabinet board, stainless steel bathroom board, stainless steel ceiling, stainless steel elevator packaging board, all kinds of stainless steel products, stainless steel hardness is not easy to damage, scratch is its extensive One of the reasons for the application of the Stainless Steel Sheet;

Stainless Steel Sheet

So how is stainless steel processed? How to choose stainless steel material for better processing? It is very troublesome if you don't choose the right tool or use the wrong material; stainless steel is very hard and will generate a lot of heat during processing, which will damage the tool. Tungsten-cobalt alloys have good toughness, light cutting, and the chips are not easy to stick. It is especially suitable for rough turning and interrupted cutting of stainless steel turning. The cutting angle of the tool is 15°~20°, which is most suitable for the processing of stainless steel cutting heat. When roughing, it is necessary to use a small back angle. When finishing, it is easy to appear hardening of the material processing process, and the back angle is about 6°~8°. The cutting speed can not be too fast, the line speed is 60~80 m / s. The amount of feed is 5-6 mm each time. The feed rate can be determined according to the finish requirement, in the range of ten to half a millimeter. Mm / r is appropriate. Cooling the lubricating fluid can reduce the cutting heat and cutting force during the cutting process, not only prolonging the service life of the tool, but also ensuring the smoothness of the product. Punch the whole grinding drill with the work, add enough coolant.

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