How to Distinguish the Quality of Stainless Steel Plate Material?

Jan. 19, 2019

How to distinguish the quality of Stainless Steel Sheet is a problem that many people face when choosing stainless steel. Stainless steel plate is also called stainless steel 2B plate, stainless steel plate; if you want a piece of stainless steel to make a finished product, then the selection is very important. If you look at the 304/201 material from the outside, you can't see it; let's talk about the difference between the normal material and the rolling material: 1. If the material is normal, the appearance of the stainless steel is bright silver white, the whole The surface of the board is very smooth and flat. If there is rolling material, there will be sticks and the horseshoe will be printed on it. The surface of the stainless steel is dark, dark gray and many have this trachoma, pitting. If you use this material to grind the mirror, the trachoma will be even more Obvious; 2. If the calendering material is used, the whole surface will be uneven, and there will be uneven thickness. The 304/201 can not have such a situation; 3. It can be sucked by a magnet, and some stainless steel plates are mixed with iron. In the middle, it will be attracted by the magnet; the above points are the method of distinguishing the stainless steel material and the rolling material; if you want to distinguish 304/201, you can use stainless steel potion to distinguish;

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