Three Different Polishing Methods For The Surface Treatment Of Stainless Steel

Apr. 04, 2019

Stainless Steel Design Sheets due to the characteristics of not easy to rust, often need to be polished, and then made into fine products for long-term use. For stainless steel of different materials, there are three common polishing methods, respectively: mechanical polishing, chemical processing and electrochemical polishing. The following analysis of these types of polishing process.

                                                                Stainless Steel Design Sheets

Mechanical polishing:

Mechanical polishing requires human input, and not environmental protection, is a more traditional processing technology, can only process some of the more simple parts, for the multi-faceted complex parts, and not competent. Uneven luster after polishing. This kind of polishing process processing product overall flatness is relatively good, high brightness, suitable for stainless steel plate type processing, such as 201 and 304 material Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet.

Chemical treatment polishing:

The disadvantage of chemical treatment method is poor brightness, and in the process of processing there are harmful gases, need to install special ventilation equipment, and heating is relatively difficult. However, the advantage of chemical polishing is that it can deal with stainless steel parts with complex structure in batch, and it has high efficiency and good corrosion resistance of finished products.

Electrochemical polishing:

The required equipment requires a large investment, special electrodes, heating equipment, cooling equipment, etc., and a large power consumption. But the production process is relatively stable, the quality of the products produced is relatively best, the surface gloss can be maintained for a long time, and no pollution. Suitable for high-grade stainless steel plate products, stainless steel manufacturers are the core processing technology.

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