Daily Maintenance Method For The Color Stainless Steel

Apr. 10, 2019

Along with the color stainless steel more and more approaches people's life, the daily maintenance and the cleaning nature has also become nots allow to neglect the matter, here the Hairline Stainless Steel Supplier introduces several experiences to share with everybody:

1. Surface dust and dirt with soap weak detergent and warm water wash.

2. Trademark, film with warm water and weak detergent to wash. The binder ingredients are scrubbed with alcohol or organic solvents.

3. The surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, with a soft cloth to wipe clean, color stainless steel with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent to wash.

4. If there is acid attached, rinse with water immediately, then soak with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution, and then wash with neutral or warm water.

5. Color Stainless Steel surface rainbow, is excessive use of detergent or oil, washing with warm water neutral washing can be washed.

6.Stainless steel surface dirt caused by rust, can be used for 10% nitric acid or grinding detergent washing, can also be used for special washing medicine washing.

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