Knowledge of Stainless Steel Sheet detection methods

Jul. 03, 2018

1. Super Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet in case the surface of the workpiece is connected with acrylic, the depth of the scale of the oil attachment and the thickness and composition of those other parts are distinct and carburized. 

2.The carburized part of the base metal will probably be severely attacked by acid. Heavy oil burner when the initial combustion of oil droplets, if attached to the workpiece, the effect can also be great. Hence, the functioning staff do not directly touch the stainless steel hand, don't make the workpiece stained with fresh oil.

3, 8K Finish Stainless Steel If the surface of debris, particularly organic or grey attached to the workpiece, the warmth naturally, will have an influence on the scale.

4, the gap between the air of PVD Coated Mirror Stainless Steel Sheets furnace atmosphere in the regional differences, the creation of a scale will change, which is caused by acid pickling after the reasons for uneven. Consequently, in the heating, the furnace parts of the atmosphere has to be the same.

PVD Coated Mirror Stainless Steel Sheets

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