Introduction of Different Kinds of Stainless Steel Decorative Plates

Nov. 06, 2018

Introduction of different kinds of stainless steel decorative plates such as AFP & PVD Coated Decorative Sheet:

(1) color stainless steel mirror plate
The 8K plate, also known as mirror plate, is polished on the stainless steel plate surface with an abrasive solution through a polishing device to make the plate surface as clear as a mirror, and then plated
(2) color stainless steel wire-drawing board
Decoration Stainless Steel Sheet Hairline, also called hair silk, because the lines are like straight and thin hair. Its surface like a filamentous texture, this is a stainless steel processing. The surface is matte, look carefully there is a grain above, but do not feel out, than the stainless steel of general bright face wear-resisting, look more class a few. There are many kinds of patterns on the hair grain plate, such as hair silk (HL), snow sand grain (NO4), and grain (disorderly grain), cross grain, cross grain, etc. All the patterns are made by oil polishing and hair grain machine according to the requirements, and then electroplating and coloring.
(3) colored stainless steel sandblasting
The sanding board is processed with zirconium beads through mechanical equipment on the stainless steel panel surface, which presents a fine pearl-like sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. Then electroplate coloring.

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