Stainless Steel Decorative Plate Material

Nov. 03, 2018

Stainless steel forging elements such as Stainless Steel Mirror Etching sheets are different, materials are also different, usually by Numbers and letters to distinguish. In the case of international standards, the Numbers in the 200 and 300 series refer to austenitic stainless steel. The 400 series is ferritic and martensitic stainless steel. For example, audi A starts with A car, such as A4, A6 and A8, while Q starts with an SUV, such as Q3, Q5 and Q7.
There are also standards for stainless steel such as Decoration Stainless Steel Sheet Hairline materials that are intended to be used, such as the most common edible grade stainless steel with marks such as 304, which are harmless to humans and free of heavy metals and toxins. 

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Decoration Stainless Steel Sheet Hairline

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