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  • Flat Elevator Handrail
  • Flat Elevator Handrail
  • Flat Elevator Handrail

Flat Elevator Handrail


We have a professional design team to design and manufacture a variety of elevator handrails through stainless steel surface treatment process and PVD coating technology. According to different elevator decoration styles, stainless steel ring tube, square tube, oval tube and other materials are used to realize handrail products with different colors and styles such as hairline gold, mirror gold and mirror gold rose, mirror etching and so on.



As an important part of elevator cabin, handrail will experience the feeling of overweight and weightlessness in the process of elevator lifting; At this time, the handrail can be used as a support to ensure people's comfort and safety. Therefore, the elevator handrail not only plays an important role in car decoration and safety, but also meets people's comfort when taking the elevator.


Product specification:

Product nameHandrails
Surface finishMirror, Mirror Etching,Hairline, PVD color of gold, brass, black and so on
TypeRound, flat, etc
SizeAs customer request, the standard lengths are 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.
Material304/316/201 etc
Mini Order100 sets

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