Elevator Decoration

  •  Elevator Push Button Panel
  •  Elevator Push Button Panel
  •  Elevator Push Button Panel

Elevator Push Button Panel


The surface of the LOP panel is mostly stainless steel machined parts, which adopts laser cutting and reserves holes. The button mostly adopts ring wire or mirror surface. Figures and graphics are printed or laser cut.


As an indispensable part of elevator, it plays an important role in practical application. Different shapes can identify different functions. The emergency buttons are distinguished by color to make them more eye-catching. Braille is added on the keys to facilitate the disabled. Optimize the arrangement according to the elevator design style, which highlights the delicacy of elevator decoration.


Product specification:

 Control System Suitable for All Elevators
Housing size125*153*25 mm
Blacklist8000 messages
The main board controls16 floors
The expansion board controls8 floors;16 floors
Max. expansion board12 pcs;
Max. controlled floor num112 floors
CertificateCE , FCC , ROHS
Working Frequency13.56MHz
Communication InterfaceRS485;TCP/IP
Storage datareserve 30080 messages offline records
Door Controlled1 door; 2 doors;

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