PVD Brass Coated Stainless Steel Sheet

      After the finishes of hairline, vibration, bead blasted, etching and so on, through vacuum titanium plating, under the condition of high temperature, the physical titanium ions are sputtered on the surface of stainless steel plate to form different colors. The hard metal ceramic film could make the surface with many colors such as gold, black, rose gold, brown, bronze and so on, which greatly improves the limitation of the single color of stainless steel products and provides customers more abundant select.



    Through the Anti-fingerprint production line, in high temperature, the surface of stainless steel sheet sprayed by transparent Nano-paint, it firmly attached to the metal surface. This process solved the old problem that stainless steel was difficult to clean before, after Anti-fingerprint finish, the finer prints and dirt on the surface can be easily removed. So it help the stainless steel to be clean and beautiful for a long time. However, we do not recommend Anti-fingerprint for Mirror surface which may affect the gloss and reflectance of the mirror surface.

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