Stainless Steel Decorative Board Installation Precautions

Feb. 14, 2019

Pay attention when installing stainless steel decorative panels:

(1) Relatively speaking, the installation of stainless steel such as the Hairline Stainless Steel is relatively simple, there is no special technology, but what we need to do is to have enough patience and care during installation, do every step, do not cause repair, not only affect the quality of the construction process. .

(2) Stainless steel decorative board such as the PVD Stainless Steel is different from ordinary stainless steel board, and there are many colors, so be sure to look carefully at the installation. Otherwise, the color of the decorative board may be differently installed. The color must be carefully checked to ensure that they are all the same color .

(3) Stainless steel trim panels are of high quality, so we must ensure that the joints are tightly connected during the installation process. To ensure safety, special attention should be paid to areas where rust may occur, and cleaning is more convenient.

(4) The stainless steel decorative board such as the Stainless Steel Etching has been specially treated, so be careful when installing it, otherwise it will be easy to produce scratches and rust easily after scratching.

Regarding the installation and precautions of stainless steel decorative panels, it is simpler to install than other stainless steels, but as mentioned above, stainless steel decorative panels are different from other stainless steels in terms of gloss quality or special treatment, so pay special attention. It is also required for installation.

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