Do You Know Stainless Steel Mirror Sheet Coloring Method?

Aug. 21, 2018

The main colours of stainless steel should have been proven to everybody. It's dull and disagreeable people aren't satisfied. After changing their colours and having rich colours, individuals aren't always pleased about Super Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet. Thus, what are the procedures which produce stainless steel alter its look?

In a specific solution, the colour of this film generated by chemical oxidation comprises the dichromate process, the combined salt system, the sulfurization process, the acid oxidation process, along with the alkaline oxidation approach. Generally, the INCO procedure can be utilized more frequently. Nonetheless, so as to make certain the colour of a batch of merchandise is constant, the reference electrode has to be used for management. Electrochemical coloring has great colour controllability, broad ranging and shortened; great reproducibility of colour; little influence on the surface state of PVD Coated Mirror Stainless Steel Sheets; low processing temperature, some procedures can be performed at room temperature, enhancing job environment, fluctuation of alternative components Modest; alternative content is reduced, so the amount of contamination is milder; using pulsed present coloring, alternative life is more compared to compound technique.

PVD Coated Mirror Stainless Steel Sheets

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