Stainless steel flower pot

Sep. 20, 2022

Stainless steel flower pot


Stainless steel flower pot is suitable for outdoor, residential area, building decoration, 

park gate, home, hotel lobby and other places. 

Has very good decorative, beautiful, In addition, you can customize your own logo brand. 

PVD coating makes the flowerpot more beautiful and recognizable.

Stainless steel flower pot

What are the advantages of stainless steel flower pots?

1, corrosion resistance: stainless steel flower pot corrosion resistance is high, not only not afraid of water corrosion, but also not afraid of many kinds of chemical corrosion. This allows us to increase the wear and tear of POTS when we plant potted plants because of watering the flowers.

2, good physical performance: stainless steel pot is not only resistant to high temperature, but also resistant to low temperature, so that our green plants in the inside will not cause death because of the outside temperature variation.

3, high hardness: because stainless steel has a strong hardness, so stainless steel pot made of stainless steel, not easy to damage, not because the outside knock or hit, so that the pot damaged.

4, beautiful surface: we all know about stainless steel, we all know its surface smooth and clean, simple and clear. It's easy to clean up and match the style of the room.

Stainless steel flower pot

Stainless steel flower pot

Stainless steel flower pot


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