The market forecast of stainless steel color sheet

Apr. 28, 2019

The market forecast of stainless steel color sheet

Stainless steel color sheet and ordinary stainless steel plate compared, appear more atmospheric, bright, gorgeous, high-end, it does not contain methanol and other organic matter, no radiation, is a kind of environmental protection decoration materials.

In the process of form a complete set, stainless steel color plate adopts the PVD vacuum coating or plating method, can make it in the hot sun and humid environment or other general environment can keep not peeling, flaking, fade, and not affected by ultraviolet (uv), it has the unique performance better than the average of stainless steel plate, the intensity of hardness is several times higher than ordinary stainless steel plate, and with high anti-corrosion friction resistant, at the same time of stainless steel products overall smooth smooth, give stainless steel Ming yan color pattern, make the product more bright is dazzing, yi yi is unripe brightness.

Not only that, stainless steel color plate cleaning work is relatively simple, maintenance work is not difficult. Therefore applies to the large-scale building decoration, the public facility, the hotel and the mansion business decoration and so on, the stainless steel color plate, is the enduring historical legend.

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