Royalboon Edam Come To Visit Sunsong

Apr. 13, 2018

11/4/2018, a sunny breezy April day, Shengnuo Metal welcomed the Global Purchasing Director Hans and the Global Factory Supervisor ,Patrick Janssen from BOON EDAM.


Boon Edam, a global door market leader, has listed Beijing Shenghezhongtai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd and He Bei Shengnuo Metal Products Co. Ltd, both under the flag of Sunsong trade mark, as her major metal work supplier. Boon Edam and Sunsong have established and maintained long term stable cooperative business relationship.


During the visit, Guests from Boon Edam reviewed the production process and quality control system of Shengnuo, and showed great interest in the Cross Hairline machine, developed by Shengnuo Metal.  


This review allows Boon Edam to know more of the capability and capacity of Shengnuo Metal, and Sunsong’s business idea of providing one-stop service with complete set of high end finishing and precisely fabricated products was also highly appreciated by the guests. When the review completed,  customers expressed their willingness to deepen the business cooperation with Shengnuo in China and further expand it to Europe and the ROW.


President Song, on behalf of all the staff and workers of Sunsong, expressed our gratitude to Boon Edam for her loyalty and support to us, and reassured our commitment to deliver better services to our customers in door industry. President Song accompanied guests from Boon Edam throughout the visiting.

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