PVD coating 5 m+ stainless steel sheet

Apr. 18, 2024

PVD coating 5 m  stainless steel sheet

PVD coating

Custom stainless steel sheet sizes

Titanium plating is a kind of vacuum ion coating, is a widely used industrial superhard film technology, with its high hardness, low wear rate, low friction coefficient, strong corrosion resistance, adhesion resistance and other superior performance, widely used in the mold industry. Various molds and hardware products after titanium plating processing, can improve the surface hardness, increase wear resistance, greatly improve the surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. Therefore, titanium plating on the tool can increase the surface hardness and wear resistance of the tool to improve the service life.

PVD coating 5 m  stainless steel sheet

5 m+ stainless steel sheet

PVD coating 5 m  stainless steel sheet

PVD coating 5 m  stainless steel sheet

PVD coating 5 m  stainless steel sheet         PVD coating 5 m  stainless steel sheet

 1. Improve corrosion resistance

Titanium plating can form a dense titanium layer on the surface of the metal, thereby preventing the contact of the metal with air, water and other substances, reducing the opportunity to be oxidized, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the metal.

2. Increase hardness

Titanium coated metal surface hardness will also be increased, because the titanium layer can increase the friction coefficient of the surface.

3. Improve aesthetics

The titanium layer forms nanoscale sunflower patterns on the metal surface, which makes the metal surface more beautiful. 

The factory has 4 vacuum titanium plating furnaces, 2 horizontal furnaces, 2 vertical furnaces, whether it is workpiece or stainless steel sheet can be delivered on time. Our factory can also according to customer requirements for special size of stainless steel flying shear and PVD coating.

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