How to Polish Stainless Steel to Mirror Effect?

Feb. 09, 2023

Generally, the surface of the stainless steel plate from the mill is 2B/ BA or NO. 1. 

There is an oxide layer on the 2B sheet, so it looks white in color, the brightness of surface BA has a brighter surface but also reaches the effect of the mirror.

NO. 1 is a more rough surface of the oxide layer, It's also white, with no reflection.

To polish the stainless steel into a mirror-like, the first step is to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the plate, we use multi-head grinding equipment with a stone grinding machine to remove the oxide la.

The principle is to use the harder material (stone grinding tools) to polish the  oxide layer and finally remove it,

After the oxide layer is removed, the surface of stainless steel is not uniform mirror effect.

It is necessary to use less hard, soft, and delicate materials for multiple grinding, remove the traces of the stone grinding tools, and continuously improve the brightness and reflectivity of the surface.

It finally achieves a mirror effect, which can clearly reflect external objects.

2B surface 


This is the 2B surface, which looks white color and matte.

the surface after the sand wheel polishing 


This is the surface after the sand wheel polishing.

final mirror sheet


This is the final mirror sheet.

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