Attention To The Use Of Colour Stainless Steel Sheet

Apr. 20, 2019

Colour Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer shares that the coloring of stainless steel surface is not the colored surface layer formed by dye coloring, but the result of light interference of colorless transparent oxide film formed on the surface of stainless steel. The color has been proved to be durable. However, attention should be paid to the following issues in specific use:

Color difference treatment

Because the color of the stainless steel color plate is affected by a variety of factors, there will be a certain range of color difference, especially the length of the plate is more than 3 meters.

The maintenance of the board

Color stainless steel plate surface film, in the dry, room temperature indoor environment for 5 years do not fade (but the substrate material is not good, such as corrosion will affect the adhesion of the film). In relatively poor conditions, such as: high temperature (over 70 ℃), natural acid rain, the sea environment, color plate to often clean the surface, such as not often clean or cleaning method is not correct, or use contain acid cleaning, such coating layer will fall off.

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