Color stainless steel plate is analyzed from five angles

May. 28, 2019

Color stainless steel plate is analyzed from five angles

The main origin of color stainless steel decorative plate, then the stainless steel sheet manufacturer will analyze the characteristics of foshan color stainless steel plate from the following five perspectives:

1, color stainless steel plate surface can adopt a new technology called no fingerprint processing technology, this technology is mainly using nanometer technology layer on the surface of stainless steel sheet color protective layer to form a very thin and very strong, because you can avoid people leave their fingerprints after finger touch, so is also called color stainless steel plate no fingerprints. No fingerprint processing technology can be in the color stainless steel mirror plate, brushed plate, frosted plate, Etching Designer Stainless Steel Sheet and so on can be processed to get the effect of no fingerprint, can be a good enhancement of anti-rust function.

2, color stainless steel plate of strong plastic, changed the wooden material installation of mechanical defects, and as a metal material also has more excellent flame retardant, mildew, corrosion, moisture, green and other advantages. And the color is processed by vacuum ion electroplating, the color layer on the surface is rich and colorful, and very solid, especially the wire-drawing board or frosted board, has better wear resistance than other surface texture state.

Color stainless steel plate

3, is the room color stainless steel plate surface pattern three-dimensional and rich. The use of advanced equipment and processing technology can be in the color of stainless steel plate surface etching concave and convex feeling, texture clear, close degree of three-dimensional pattern pattern, combined with a variety of colors, full of modern fashion sense of art, active atmosphere in the kitchen.

4, color stainless steel plate changed the wooden plate to give people a sense of instability, and more than wooden materials have firmness and increase the product floor anti - sinking.

5, material such as stone material woodiness is opposite for medium and long in the kitchen contact water is easy mildew or weathering, and other metal material also is not suited to be used at the kitchen adornment in damp, so chromatic stainless steel metal suits ambry adornment more than other material far. Nevertheless this kind of metal material also has the cent of character stand or fall, what commonly used is commonly used is the stainless steel plate that 201 and 304 pledge pledge, the plank that 304 pledges pledges nevertheless can have stronger fight rusty ability.

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