Advantage of Embossed Colour Stainless Steel

Jul. 11, 2018

Embossed Colour Stainless Steel may be painted provided the surface is scrupulously clean and contains sufficient profile to automatically anchor the paint. With a stainless steel base alloy offers the benefit , even when the coating is damaged, any rust is superficial and certainly will not result in long term structural collapse as has happened when protective coatings neglect on aluminium or steel constructions. When it's only to become blackened, then the molten sodium dichromate procedure or a sexy sulphuric acid therapy or an electrodeposited and roasted organic coating can offer increased durability.

Other colors are provided via an electrochemical deposition process that pops and hardens a improved oxide film in the stainless steel but typically only on 304. The color is dependent upon the depth of the oxide and stems from blue to golden to green together with time of vulnerability.

The color is like the interference colors in an oil slick or soap bubble with interference between the mild refl ected in the very top of this oxide and foundation metal. In theory the colouring may be replicated on any simple form but in practice, it's only on Elephant Skin Care Embossed End Sheet. The coated sheets can be heavy drawn, shaped, bent and fixed automatically but welding destroys the colored film. Corrosion tests on gloomy coatings 304 showed marginally improved resistance to acidic chloride vulnerability over the immunity of 304.

Embossed Colour Stainless Steel

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