Several Common Conversion Methods for Stainless Steel Plates!

Dec. 27, 2018

Many times, when we buy Stainless Steel Sheet, many sales people will report the current market price is how much / ton, but if you want to buy stainless steel plates for processing, then you have to convert into a piece of money, because Stainless steel plate processing is sold by Zhang; in fact, this conversion is relatively simple. The formula is: the weight of stainless steel = density * volume (M == P * V) Density is different, the density of stainless steel is not the same, but the difference is not big, the overall can be 7.9G / CM3, volume = length * Width * thickness; this way you can convert out how much a board is, of course, this is an estimate, but it will not be too far apart, you understand the reserve price to master the market initiative!

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