Embossed Stainless Steel

  • Snowflake pattern (brass gold) Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Snowflake pattern (brass gold) Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Snowflake pattern (brass gold) Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Snowflake pattern (brass gold) Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Different patterns are produced by pressing the surface of stainless steel sheet through a certain pattern mold. The embossing process can be performed on the basis of 2B or Mirror surface. The difference between them is that former is matte and the latter is bright. Generally, the basic material are 201, 304, 316Land 430. Our thickness range is 0.3mm to 2.5mm, and the standard size is 1219x2438mm and 1219x3048mm, what’s more, we could do as coil if customer request.


Embossed stainless steel sheets, also known as emboss sheets, are thin sheets of stainless steel that have undergone a process of pressing the surface with a pattern mold. This process creates a textured or raised pattern on the surface of the sheet. The embossing can be done on either a 2B (matte) or Mirror (bright) surface.

The basic materials used for embossed sheets are typically 201, 304, 316L, and 430 stainless steel. The thickness range available is between 0.3mm and 2.5mm, and the standard sizes are 1219x2438mm and 1219x3048mm. Additionally, if requested by the customer, the sheets can be supplied in coil form.

Embossed stainless steel sheets find applications in various industries and settings. They are commonly used in public facilities, kiosks, indoor and outdoor decoration, and elevator decoration. The textured surface adds visual interest and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of these applications.

At our company, we prioritize the use of high-quality raw materials. We typically choose materials from reputable suppliers such as TISCO, BAOSTEEL, and POSCO. These materials have high density, low hardness, and excellent surface characteristics. They are suitable for processes like welding, cutting, and bending.

During the embossing process, our quality control procedures ensure that the sheets meet our standards. After embossing, the sheets are washed, dried, and inspected for surface quality. If the quality is confirmed, a PVC film is applied to protect the surface during handling and transportation. We use NOVACEL brand PVC, imported from Germany, with a thickness of 0.07mm. However, we can provide other types of PVC upon customer request.

For packaging, we use fumigation wooden cases that are sturdy and suitable for sea transportation. We can also accommodate special packaging requests from customers.

Before delivery, our standardized production process includes a pre-delivery inspection to ensure the sheets meet the required specifications. We take pride in our ability to supply materials of varying quality levels, ranging from middle to high-end. Additionally, we offer professional after-sales service to provide support and assistance to our customers.

In summary, embossed stainless steel sheets are versatile materials with a wide range of applications. They offer durability, anti-vandal properties, and attractive patterns for designers to work with. From architectural cladding to kitchen fittings, machinery components to sculptures, emboss sheets can be used in various industries and design projects. We provide full sheets or cut-to-size options to meet our customers' specific requirements.

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