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  • Round Display Rack
  • Round Display Rack

Round Display Rack


The display rack is made of glass and surface finished stainless steel. Stainless steel is fabricated as the frame and support structure of the rack. it can be fabricated as a square tube which is wider in the top, narrow at the bottom. Bend and welded stainless steel frame used to seal the glass and also in protecting of the exhibits.


Stainless steel display rack is a most frequently used furniture in watch shops and jewelry shops. Metallic texture raises the level of the shops. Stainless steel is a easily fabricate material, so the racks can be shaped as round, square, hemi-round and so on. Composite the racks together is also good idea. All will provide a enjoyable atmosphere to clients.


Product specification:

Product NameJewelry display cabinet , Boutique display cabinet.
MaterialStainless steel+tempered ultra clear glass
ColorSilver/Gold/Brass/Black and so on
SizeCan be done as customer request, largest to 2m*4m*3m
ProcessAssembly or whole welded
PackingWooden case
Lead time2-4 weeks
Minimum order 100 sets

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