Curtain Wall Accessories

  • 60 degree Rotary Union
  • 60 degree Rotary Union
  • 60 degree Rotary Union

60 degree Rotary Union


Through stainless steel casting, we made the support and fixed structure for curtain walls. Different size and different surface in use to fit different occasions. The surface of it can be polished, also it can be mat while in exteriors buildings. 


This kind of stainless steel accessories have widely used in fixed the glasses. Some in use for the interiors, such as to fix the glass of handrails, some in use of exteriors, for example, the outer glass door. Also it can be used as a connector, several long and lasing connectors can form a unique shape.


 Product specification:

Product NameSpider Fitting
TypeGlass spider, Spiders
The hole distance80-300mm
FinishStain/Polished/ Silver/Gold/Black, etc
UsageCurtain wall system
Procedure of ProductionPrecision casting, machine, polish and assemble
ApplicationHotel, Glass Curtain Wall


What is the minimum quantity to purchase?   1000 set for one order.           

What is the lead time?   Generally 15-30 days to complete.

Classification basis and difference and association of similar products:

We pay more attention in the surface finish of the fabrications, so our products will look more clean, bright. And we have also engineers to follow customer’s drawings. 

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