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Colorful Square Strips

The Art of Customization and Personalization

One of the most remarkable attributes of Colorful Square Strips is their flexibility in design. With the ability to mix and match different colors and sizes, individuals can unleash their inner artists and craft personalized patterns that resonate with their unique tastes. This level of customization empowers homeowners, designers, and artists to create captivating visual narratives within the living spaces. Whether it's a subtle, symmetrical pattern for a calming effect or a vibrant, asymmetric arrangement for a bold statement, the possibilities are boundless.


Stainless Steel Cladding is a widely used large decoration components for exterior embellish works. Usually it will be folded as a box while hang on the walls. Support structure in the back. Like a suit for walls. Different shapes and different patterns. It’s always no color coated and the surface should be mat. In column cladding, it can be shaped as a circle and cover on the column. Surface can be PVD color coated, bend stainless steel pipe or laser cutting sheet is the widely used ones. only original column seems monotonous, while cover 


As a kind of large decoration components, large area coverage will appear a grand and magnificent view. It’s not only decoration use, but also can protect the walls from the corrode of rain, snow and sun light, etc.


Product description:

As customer request, we can make the fabrication surface to be Mirror, Hairline, Cross Hairline, Bead Blasted, Vibration, Etching, PVD and so on, which can help the fabrications to looks nice. 

Product specification:

We produce the fabrications per our customers’ drawings, can be with different colors such as silver, gold, nickels silver, champagne, brown, bronze, brass, black and so on .  And the production process could be with bending, welding, v-grooving, laser cutting and so on. Material type could be 304, 316L, 430, 201, etc.

Product features and advantages:

We are factory, we can control the quality from raw material to bending, welding, surface finishes, color process of PVD, packing, and so on.

Also we can supply parts of the fabrication or the welded whole fabrication as customer request.


What is the minimum quantity to purchase?   1 set for one order.           

What is the lead time?   Generally 15-30 days to complete.

Classification basis and difference and association of similar products:

We pay more attention in the surface finish of the fabrications, so our products will look more clean, bright. And we have also engineers to follow customer’s drawings. 

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