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  • Shelter With Solar Power
  • Shelter With Solar Power

Shelter With Solar Power

The majority of bus station shelters are constructed using stainless steel, chosen for its corrosion-resistant properties, especially important given their exposure to outdoor environments. Collaborating with the advertising industry, a stainless steel enclosure can be designed to accommodate wires and screens. The station columns typically consist of square or round tubes, with the option of elliptical shapes. The surface finish can vary from fine polishing to hairline textures and more.


Waiting for the bus arrival becomes a comfortable experience, shielded from rain and wind. Passengers can find respite while seated. Moreover, the Stainless Steel Bus Station shelf serves as a distinctive urban landmark, lining roads across the city. Its unique design transforms it into a recognizable feature. As per customer preferences, fabrication surfaces can be tailored to appear as Mirror, Hairline, Cross Hairline, Bead Blasted, Vibration, Etched, PVD-coated, and more, enhancing the aesthetics of the structures.


Product description:

As customer request, we can make the fabrication surface to be Mirror, Hairline, Cross Hairline, Bead Blasted, Vibration, Etching, PVD and so on, which can help the fabrications to looks nice. 

Product specification:

We manufacture Bus station shelves based on customer drawings, available in various colors like silver, gold, nickel silver, champagne, brown, bronze, brass, black, among others. Material options encompass 304, 316L, 430, 201, and more.

Product application: 

Bus station shelves find their primary utility in public areas.


Product features and advantages:

As a factory, we exercise full control over quality, spanning raw material sourcing, bending, welding, surface finishing, PVD color processes, packaging, and beyond. We offer the flexibility of supplying individual fabrication components or complete welded structures, as per customer requirements. Our company boasts extensive experience through collaborations with government projects in Beijing and Hebei province.


What is the minimum quantity to purchase?   1 set for one order.           

What is the lead time?   Generally 15-30 days to complete.

Classification basis and difference and association of similar products:

We pay more attention in the surface finish of the fabrications, so our products will look more clean, bright. And we have also engineers to design new or special type or structure of the Bus station shelf. 

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