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  • Modern Metal Bus Shelter
  • Modern Metal Bus Shelter
  • Modern Metal Bus Shelter

Modern Metal Bus Shelter


Most of the Bus station shelf is made of stainless steel in consider the features of corrosion resistance while most of the shelf located in the exterior environment. In corporation with the advertising business, one can also build a stainless steel box which can hold the wires and screens. Mostly, the station column is made of square tube or round tube, ellipse shaped is also available. Surface of it can be fine polished or hairline etc. 


While in waiting for the bus arrival. There is no need to worried about the rains, the winds and so on. Someone may also have a seat and take a rest. Meantime, stainless Steel Bus Station shelf is a kind of City mark. You can find it everywhere along the road. with unique design, it can become a land mark. 


Product description:

As customer request, we can make the fabrication surface to be Mirror, Hairline, Cross Hairline, Bead Blasted, Vibration, Etching, PVD and so on, which can help the fabrications to looks nice. 

Product specification:

We produce the  Bus station shelf per our customers’ drawings, can be with different colors such as silver, gold, nickels silver, champagne, brown, bronze, brass, black and so on .  Material type could be 304, 316L, 430, 201, etc.

Product application: 

The Bus station shelf is usually used in public area.


Product features and advantages:

We are factory, we can control the quality from raw material to bending, welding, surface finishes, color process of PVD, packing, and so on.

Also we can supply parts of the fabrication or the welded whole fabrication as customer request.

Our company has cooperated with our government for many project in Beijing, Hebei province, so we have enough experience about this. 


What is the minimum quantity to purchase?   1 set for one order.           

What is the lead time?   Generally 15-30 days to complete.

Classification basis and difference and association of similar products:

We pay more attention in the surface finish of the fabrications, so our products will look more clean, bright. And we have also engineers to design new or special type or structure of the Bus station shelf. 

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