Artwork Stainless Steel

Vibration and Etching PVD Bronze

Use different surface sheet as the base plate, Some can be finished by the brush, etching and polishing progress to form the final surface. Some will processed as art PVD or call it Art Titanium plating.

Applications: Considered the high cost of the surface treatment progress. This kind of multi progress sheet was used in high-level decoration file.



Combined the different surface finish processes as Mirror, Hairline, Cross Hairline, Bead Blasted, Vibration, Etching, PVD and so on, the Stainless steel sheets will show nice pattern and different color on same panel.

Product specification:

Our standard is 1220*2440MM and 1220*3050MM, and we can do the customized size, max width is 2000MM and Length could be 6000MM. For the thickness, it could be in the range of 0.7mm to 3.0mm. Material type could be 304, 316L, 430, 201, etc. 

Product application:

Such sheets look extravagant, are usually used in the decoration of famous hotel, restaurant, building, tower and villa district. Sometimes, it also is used in the high level elevator. 

Product features and advantages:

We are factory, we can control the quality from raw material to flat cutting, surface finishes, packing, even fabrication.

Our Stainless steel Art Work sheets are clean, flat, we have been focusing the surface quality always. So our sheets can be used in high level building decoration. We have used 2 layers PE film to protect the sheets surface, and we always use the fumigated wooden pallets and wooden case to keep the sheets safe during shipping. 


What is the minimum quantity to purchase?

100 sheets for one order and 50 sheets for each pattern.

What is the lead time? 

Generally 2-4 weeks to complete.

Classification basis and difference and association of similar products:

The artwork sheets are different with other normal surface, they are with more than 3 types surface finishes, and the design and process are more complex.

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